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The Complete Playlist

Saturn Ring Blues
A friend sent me an e-mail asking for a complete listing of my jump-start-the-heart songs for the morning. Since I'm always looking around for them anyway, I thought I'd put them into one post and then add the link to my sidebar. That way I can get them whenever I want to. With the magic of the infinitely malleable document that is the Internet, I can add or subtract from the list as my tastes change.

"And She Was," Talking Heads
"Peanuts Theme Song,"
"I Melt With You," Modern English,
"I Want Candy," Bow Wow Wow,
"Whole Wide World," Wreckless Eric, (the non-movie version is here:
"Womanizer," Brittany Spears,
"Rock and Roll #2," Gary Glitter, (a live version)
"Mambo #5," Lou Bega,
"I Like to Move It," Madagascar Sound Track,
"Walk Like an Egyptian," the Bangles,
"Tree Hugger," Juno Soundtrack,
"Eyes," Rogue Wave,
"Kokomo," Beach Boys,
"Goody Two Shoes," Adam Ant,
"Pirates of the Caribbean Theme," Guitar version from Sungha Jung,
"Anyone Else But You," Moldy Peaches,
"All I Want is You," Juno Soundtrack,
"Cotton-Eyed Joe," Rednex,
"Gone Gone Gone," Allison Krauss and Robert Plant,
"Oh What a World," Rufus Wainwright,
"Tusk," Fleetwood Mac,
"Room to Move," John Mayall,
"Over the Hills and Far Away," Led Zeppelin,
"Ramble On," Led Zeppelin,
"Old Man," Neil Young, (this doesn't start the heart, but it's too good to leave off)
"Dirty Water," the Standells,
"Heart of Gold," Neil Young,
"The Swords of a Thousand Men," Ten Pole Tudor,


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