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Coincidentally, John Scalzi and Jim Hines, two genre writers with different career trajectories, have posted numbers about their book sales, and their thoughts on those numbers. I think the posts are illuminating because they offer data in opposition to some folks' beliefs about today's publishing environment.

John Scalzi, The State of a Genre Title, 2013
Jim Hines, 2012 Writing Income

I can think of several other authors whose numbers (and thoughts on them) would be interesting to know: Ken Scholes, Carrie Vaughn, Lawrence Schoen, Daniel Abraham, Paolo Bacigalupi, Cory Doctorow, Connie Willis and Lawrence Watt-Evans.  This is a wide-ranging group whose careers are different from each other.

However, for most people, publishing inclome and number of sales are personal information, and I understand perfectly why they don't reveal the information.  It's presumptuous to ask, but I think there's a lot of mystique, romantacism and misinformation about the real world of publishing circulating out there, partly because the information is personal

I'm glad John and Jim are willing to share.