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Cool Book Release News

I've been sitting on this announcement forever, but we needed a green light from the publisher once everything was in place.  Paper Golem Press will release Alembical: a Distillation of Four Novellas, at the end of October (approx).  The book is a collection of a novella each by Jay Lake, Bruce Taylor, James Van Pelt, and Ray Vukcevich.

240The book has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which is very cool.

The trade paperback will be $13.00 U.S, while the hardback will be $25.00 U.S.  The collector's edition of the book will also include a chapbook with an original short story from each of us.  According to publisher Lawrence Schoen, info about the collector's edition will be available at the Paper Golem website soon.

We also have a cover.

I've read the collection, of course, and I think it's a darned good book, although I'm a bit prejudiced.  As many people have pointed out, though, and so does Lawrence in the intro, the novella is an ideal length.  There's room to develop an idea, but there's not room for the padding that seems to infect some novels.  A novella can be read completely in a comfortable amount of time.

I've written some about the process of writing my contribution to the book, "Harvest."  I'm very interested in plot and structure, both as a way of looking at a story and as a way to create one.  "Harvest" came about through my decades-long interest (obsession) with Neil Young's Harvest album and a desire to let an influential piece of music in my life inform a piece that I was writing.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch who has been an important editor, was and is a wonderful writer, and is an inspirational teacher of writing said this about Alembical and "Harvest" on her blog

If we’re lucky, Alembical will be a new novella series—much needed in the sf field. This first volume . . . has four stories, by excellent writers. The story that caught me is James Van Pelt’s “Harvest.” Van Pelt manages to catch the ambivalence that is the teenage years, with a tender look at friendship, mixed with the horrors of family life. This story has compassion, which so many dark stories do not, and the compassion gives it great power.

Woo! Woo!

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