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Last Day to Rec for This Year's Nebulas

For SWFA members, today is the last day to recommend a work for the 2007 Nebula awards.  I'm a big fan of all the awards, not because I think they actually recognize the best work (what is the "best" anyway?), but because I believe writing science fiction and fantasy is essentially an isolating and unrecognized affair with little outside affirmation that what you are doing is worthy. 

Lots of internal affirmation, of course, and plenty from your friends in the field, if you have them, but little outside of that.  Even a book publication is a smallish bump in a career.  For example, I met a Denver-area writer several years ago at MileHiCon.  She was a young, academic, SCA type with serious writing goals.  Besides having a load of talent, she did everything right.  Started selling short stories.  Wrote a good book.  Found an agent.  Sold it to Warner with two books to follow.  In other words, everything is going great guns.

But, the first book is off the shelves now (at least I can't find it), and if past performance of most books is any indication, the second and third will be on the shelf for six months or so each before they vanish.  If she doesn't sell any other books or stories (I think she will), then her star will have only flickered for the moment before dimming forever.  Writing is a field where it seems for most of us success is a six-month long window.  After that, it's "what have you done lately?" or "what's coming out next?" 

But an award like a Nebula is a forever kind of thing, at least in my mind.  It's like getting into the baseball hall of fame or some other equally elite club.  So, I like the awards.  If you're a SFWA member of like mind, don't forget to get your recommendations in.  You can do the whole thing on line in a minute or two at the SFWA web site.