February 22nd, 2007

Saturn Ring Blues

Amazon's Numbers

While waiting for my high schooler to finish his track workout, I idly cruised on Amazon and noticed my Amazon Sales Rank for Summer of the Apocalypse, which was 57,054.

I have no idea what that number means.  I checked out several others for no particular reason other than I know them or have read them lately.  Here's the results:

Lisey's Story (hardbound), Stephen King, #383
Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman #4,279
Kitty Takes a Holiday, Carrie Vaughn #5,030
Kitty Goes to Washington, Carrie Vaughn #5,672
Fragile Things (hardbound), Neil Gaiman, #6,804
Kitty and the Midnight Hour, Carrie Vaughn #12,012
Magic For Beginners, Kelly Link #29,461
Stranger Things Happen, Kelly Link #51,091
Summer of the Apocalypse, #57,054
Trial by Flowers, Jay Lake #201,873
Last of the O-Forms and Other Stories,
James Van Pelt #305,815
Strangers and Beggars, James Van Pelt #308,239
Strange but not a Stranger (hardbound), James Patrick Kelly #447,150

Does anyone no how the numbers work?  How often are they updated?  When you get to the #50,000 rank is this a book sold every other leap year?

At any rate, Internet thumb twiddling combined with an egosurf produces blog posts like this.
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