January 31st, 2012

Saturn Ring Blues

The Pumba Problem

On my run today, I chose a route that has a .4 mile loop in it.  I started before Tammy, but I wasn't sure how far (separate cars).  So, just as I was finishing the loop, she passed me going the other direction.  This means, taking other parts of the course in consideration, that I had about a .3 mile lead, and I was more than a couple miles from the finish.

Even though I don't consciously think of us as racing--she's way faster than I am--I realized within a few hundred yards after seeing her that I'd picked up my pace.

All that I could think of was that scene from The Lion King, where Nala spots Pumba as a potential meal and starts chasing him.

I felt like Pumba.  "She's going to eat me!"  It made for an interesting run.

My running schedule this week puts my day off on Thursday because we're doing parent/teacher conferences then. That darned life thing keeps interfering with my recreation.
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