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Novel Progress: However You Measure It, Forward is Up

I'm on day six of the rough draft of Low High Sophomores.  I don't know if I'm on a fool's errand, since I have no idea if Low High Freshmen will attract any interest, but I'm enjoying the writing, and that's most of the battle (I will entertain high five or low six figure advances on the first novel, based solely on my assurances that it is a really good book, if anyone is interested).  In five days, I've finished 2,500 words.  One Lake of progress*

I've learned not to worry about relatively low word counts on my writing projects because I never miss any days.  Just a page of writing everyday, 250 words, would add up to over 91,000 words at the end of a year.  If you're a short story writer, that would be 18 X 5,000 word long short stories.  An entire collection!  If you don't miss any days, that is.

With perseverance, and as the flow gets going, I'll have many days that will be more than the 500 words a day I've been averaging now.  It's all happy labor.

*Lake = a unit of measurement of either a writer's speed of word productivity (one Lake is 2,500 words a day), or total word count (a 100,000 word novel is 40 Lakes long).  Named after the much-admired Jay Lake, who said once that his goal was 2,500 words a day (which he often beats).  For a longer meditation on this useful writing nomenclature, see newroticgirl who coined the terminology, and my own conversion of Lakes into metric units.
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