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Steampunk Wallpaper

I know that steampunk is the hottest fashion, and I hate to be a follower of fashion, but I really like the look.  More importantly, I like the feel of steampunk.  One of my favorite movies is the original Time Machine, and I love the different versions of Journey to the Center of the Earth, which have a strong connection to that late 19th Century, industrial revolution, Victorian sensibility.

There's a good argument that science fiction as a literature is born in the late 1800's because you finally have a good portion of the populace that recognizes the change-making possibilities of science, and they've seen that the world they live in is evolving as they watch.

At any rate, it only makes sense that I frequently have steampunk wallpaper.  One of my favorite sites is steampunkwallpaper.com

By the way, and not connected to steampunk in the least, but Yvette Mimieux didn't look anything like how I pictured an Eloi.  I'm pretty sure that if she was what H.G. Wells had in mind when he created her character, the Time Traveler in the book would have never abandoned her to whatever fate befell her during his desperate, forest-fire lighted battle with the Morlocks.  But this was a good excuse to post her picture.

I'm pretty sure I'd be violating copyright, or at least ethical behavior, by posting any of the steampunk.com images here, but if you like steampunk images, it's not a bad place to start.

My current wallpaper has a nice Jules Verne feel to it.

Do any of you have a favorite source for steampunk imagery, or just desktop images?
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