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Was NUMB3RS Written By Austen?

I watched the last episode of NUMB3RS tonight, one of my favorite shows.  I don't know if the math was accurate, or if real mathematicians were watching with jaw-dropped disbelief, but I like a show that at least pretends to be about smart people using their brains.

!!!:::SPOILER ALERT:::!!!

One of my favorite characters on the show was Larry Fleinhardt.  I loved his nicely askew take on the world, and the sense that there was a whole other story arc about what was going on with him.

Another element of the show that got to me was that although there were romances on the show, the heart of it was the relationship between the two brothers, Don and Charlie, and their dad.  So few shows concentrate on relationships other than romantic ones (I know--Supernatural is about two brothers and an absent dad).  It was a joy to watch.

The last episode seemed familiar to me, though.  The two brothers are married (well, one is married and one will be), and there is a sense that the story arc of the brothers has been completed because they are moving on with their lives now.  Marriage is the end of one part of their long journeys.  Then, I realized, I was watching the end of Pride and Prejudice, where Charlie and Don have become Elizabeth and Jane.  All the particulars are wrong (there's no Darcy, for example), but what I really like about Pride and Prejudice is the relationship between Lizzy, Jane and their father.  Pride and Prejudice also ends with the two siblings, who have been the heart of the story, ending this part of their character arcs by marrying.

Hmmm.  It's a stretch, but that's what I was thinking as the show closed.  I'll miss NUMB3RS.
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