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The Nebulas

I've seen a LOT of traffic about the Nebula voting, Nebula rules, Nebula relevance, etc. in the blogosphere in the last few days.

I don't know if the rules need revising.  Certainly people are making reasonable sounding suggestions for changing the rules so the award looks at the latest offerings and not at stories and novels from 2005. 

The change I think that would be most important to see would be more people involved in the nominating, but there's no real way that a rule change could address that.  Writers, though, may be the worst people to be nominators for literary awards.  Sadly enough, I know that I have much less time for recreational reading than I did before I turned to writing.  My free time is spent in front of a keyboard, not reclining comfortably with a good book.

For me, I'm just glad awards exists.  I like the idea of the Hugo award given by the fans and Nebula given by the writers, sort of like the Golden Globes and the Oscars.  I like that there are other awards too, like the John W. Campbell, the Theodore Sturgeon and the rest.  I like them because there is so little monetary award for so many of our writers. 

It you can't earn the big bucks, at least you ought to be able to earn a trophy (or plaque or certificate), and add your name to a list of the other folks who you probably read and admired in your youth.