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Old Friends

I've been away on a mini-vacation for the last week.  Every year, my two best buddies and I get together to summarize what has been happening in our lives, to toss the football and Frisbee, to play some golf, and to reconnect with our shared past.

I met Gary and Mike the summer after I graduated high school in 1972.  Gary coached a swim team that I started swimming with until he invited me to work with a lane of young swimmers who needed more attention.  That was the beginning of my life in swim coaching.  Mike was Gary's best friend who I met later that summer.  In the next few years, the three of us worked at the same place, shared a house, and generally became each others' support.  That has never ended.

A lot of people in our lives think that it's remarkable that we still get together after all these years.  I guess most people (especially men, according to some of our friends), don't have relationships that last this long.  If that's true, I'm sorry for those folks. 

This year we met at Mike's place in California.  We watched Gary's daughter do a full Iron Man type triathlon, and then we headed down the coast to Monterey.  We had a great time.

Now, though, I'm only eleven days for reporting back to school.  Ouch!  I'm not ready.  I have enjoyed the unstructured writing time so much.

Here's Mike, Gary and myself at Monterey Bay.  Gary's daughter took the picture.

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