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Things to be Thankful About

John Scalzi (and many others) are taking opportunity of the upcoming holiday to list some of the elements in their life they are thankful for.  Here's my short list.
  • My rocker-recliner:  I didn't own a rocker-recliner for a long time because they can be pricey, and because I'm picky, but a couple of years ago I was feeling more flush, so I spent a weekend at all the furniture outlets in town, looking for the perfect rocker-recliner.  And I found it!  I felt like Goldilocks.  The chair wasn't too hard or too soft, not too smooth or too rough, the action of the recliner wasn't too loose or too stiff, and it rocked oh so gently when I needed it too.  It's my favorite place in the house to read, to write, and to take a quick nap.  Best household investment I've made in a long time.
  • Main Street Bagels:  When I want to get out of the house to write, or I need a good place to meet someone, or I just want to veg with a newspaper and bagel in a public place, I head to Main Street Bagels.  Great atmosphere.  Friendly staff.  Good food.
  • Students:  It's weird, but the longer I teach, the more I appreciate students.  They're funny, serious, thoughtful, wacky, cool, and every other adjective I can think of.  Nothing tops the feeling of connecting with a student about the subject I'm teaching.  The moment when a student and I see eye to eye on what we're learning is the best.  I'm thankful for students.
  • Western Colorado trails:  Yesterday I reached the top of the Holy Cross trail, and from that vantage, as the sun set, I could see bits and pieces of the path I would be taking as it wended its way through the rocky canyon and sage-brushed hills below.  The shadows stretched across the scene, and I knew I'd have to hustle to finish before it was dark, and I was thankful I could be there.
  • Castle, Bones, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory:  Come on, have you watched the shows?  How can I not be thankful?
  • My family:  No words are big enough to express my feelings, but I'm blessed, blessed, blessed.
What are you thankful for?



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  • 8 Mar 2020, 17:56
    LOL. My journals are almost as dusty. I still get the urge to log stuff in them, but it seems that time and energy are ever-lacking resources that keep me from it.

    Congratulations on all your sales.…
  • 21 Jun 2018, 12:24
    Can you tell me how to get in touch with the artist. I would like to use a copy on some t-shirts as a prize for a kids fishing derby.
  • 5 Apr 2018, 04:01
    I was excited when I googled Adie Gladieux and got a hit that led me to your article. My 92 year old father passed away the day after Christmas. He had talked of two good friends he had in the army…
  • 15 Mar 2016, 22:17
    You're welcome. It was a journey, for sure.
  • 15 Mar 2016, 22:16
    My next con is WorldCon in Kansas City, I think.
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