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Modest Beginning of the Year Goals

The year that I decided I would write more words per day than Stephen King (1,000) and sell a book before he did (26) makes every resolution I've made since seem pretty lame, so much so that for several years I didn't set new goals at all, but I do have some goals for this year:
  • I lost a fair amount of weight in 2011, going from 210 to 175, but I've plateaued at 175 since October.  I'd like to make whatever changes necessary to get me to what would be a more reasonable weight for a guy of my height and build, 160.
  • I started running in July.  I'd like to continue running until at least then.  I figure that a habit that has lasted a year has a better chance of lasting two years (see Xeno's Corollary).
  • How fast I run isn't an issue anymore--it's all about the length of aerobic effort--but in the back of my mind I dream about breaking 25:00 for a 5K. 
  • Start some serious planning for what my life will look like post teaching.  I could jump ship at the end of this year, or I could go another half dozen years, but somewhere the change is coming.


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Jan. 4th, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
Does your state union run retirement planning workshops? Mine does, starting with five years out plans and counting down. That's a good thing to look into, especially if Colorado has a public employees retirement system like Oregon does. DH and I are going to a general planning seminar (primarily because he's at the approximately 2-5 year countdown), and then I'll probably do the PERS one run by OEA. Not so much because I'm anywhere near being able to retire (eight years to 62) but because I want to know what happens if I bug out early.

You're wise to be thinking about this. If I'm right about Colorado (after talking to some friends there), this spring is when you're really going to start seeing the crunch...about what we started going through three, four years ago. Keep an eye open for district-subsidized early retirement options and grab at those if you're eligible. Those incentive programs happen early on in the drastic cutting cycle and they can be a good thing if you qualify.
Jan. 4th, 2012 03:14 pm (UTC)
We did a ERO the year before last, and they said they wouldn't offer one again, but they're talking about a new one with the current round of cuts. The state learned that it's outlook is somewhat better than predicted, though, so maybe the education cuts won't be so deep.
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