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Dear 16-Year-Old Me

jaylake posted a link to a moving video about skin cancer awareness called "Dear 16-Year-Old Me."

The subject is serious, and I support the idea of it.  Go, watch.  I'll wait.

(twiddling thumbs)

There!  Pretty moving, huh?

Of course, since I don't have a skin cancer (although I will check myself even more regularly now), I thought about what I would put into my "Dear 16-Year-Old Me" video if I had a chance.  This ignores that fact that I'm very happy right now, and I wouldn't want to be someone else.  If I could address myself, make changes, and not lose anything that I have now that I value, here's my script:

Dear 16-Year-Old Me,

You should be going on dates!  There are beautiful, witty, wonderful girls who you are friendly with who probably dislike staying at home on a Friday or Saturday night just as much as you do.  Get out!  Mingle with people!  Drinking warm Pepsi and eating mouthfuls of milk-chocolate stars on weekend nights while watching Creature Features or SciFi Flicks is wasting your time.

Why aren't you more engaged in your education?  Your teachers may not all be interesting, but there's cool stuff out there you could be finding out about.  If you're going to spend six hours a day in class anyways, why not learn stuff?  And for that matter, there were thousands of dollars in college tuition you could have saved if you would have earned the grades you were capable of getting.

Invest some money.  Sheesh!  This is a no-brainer.  If you put 10% of all the money you earn now into interest bearing accounts (instead of buying Pepsi and milk chocolate stars), you will be very comfortable by the time you turn . . . oh . . . 57.

Pay attention to your sisters.  What made you think you were an only child?  You have three, vital, interesting people, besides your parents, living in your house who will be a part of your life for the rest of your life.  Don't you think you should be more involved in their lives now?  Or at least show some interest in who they are now?

Oh, and this fall, when you drive a car full of your cross country team mates to the meet across town, don't speed through the school zone while changing lanes multiple times.  You put everyone at risk, and a careless driving ticket is going to cost you a bundle.

And while I'm thinking about it, get into the habit of eating more vegetables.  Lay off the fast foods.

What would you put into your "Dear 16-Year-Old Me" message?
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