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Creative Writing Slogan of the Day

My Creative Writing kids studied similes and metaphors today.  I had them do a simile exercise that involved defining abstractions with similes, like love, death, friendship, etc.  They had to say what their abstraction looked, sounded, smelled, felt and tasted like.

I told them to think of a simile as a mathematical formula where "like" is the same as an "=" sign.  So "My love is like a red, red rose," is abstraction=concrete example.  They couldn't write an abstraction=abstraction, like "love looks like happiness," which a surprisingly large number would write.

Because I like to skip steps, though, and hurry them along, I also told them they should avoid obvious constructions, like "patriotism looks like the American flag," or "love feels like a wedding ring."

The slogan of the day, which I put up on the board, was "Subvert the ordinary!"

One of the kids raised his hand then said, "Do you mean like death smells like burnt cookies?"

I loved it.
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