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The Speech I Wanted to Hear

I had this wild hope that Gov. Mitch Daniels, when he offered the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union, would have said, "I had a speech written, but I didn't hear a blessed thing that Obama said that wouldn't be good for the country, and many of his ideas are ones the Republicans have promoted in the past. So, I say let's ignore partisan politics for a season, pass helpful legislation now, and then compete in the election year for the person we think can best lead the country with these agreed upon goals. No American is served by blocking legislation and doing nothing with the hope that we can gain political points for our 'team' in the election. We shouldn't be about political parties, but about good government. The system is broken. Both sides take some blame.  However, both sides can quit trying to play one-upsmanship and agree to serve the people who elected us by making government work the way it is supposed to: through negotiation, compromise and action. No one is served when we are paralyzed."

That's the speech I would have liked to have heard.
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