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Oh, the misery of no travel budget, the end of the school year, and not a convention in sight.  Several years ago, the WorldCon folks provided one way for the convention to continue, which was they audio taped all the panels.  For a price, at the end of the convention, you could buy the tapes of the panels you enjoyed most, or, better yet, the panels you really wanted to go to but couldn't because they were scheduled opposite of something else you couldn't miss. 

Well, I haven't been to a convention in some time that still does the audio recording, but the Internet provides the next best thing, which is  podcast sites.  I talked about these several weeks ago, but I was thinking about them again.

One of my favorite sites is Fast Forward, which does video too.  I love to dip into their audio archive.  Tonight I gave myself a dose of Octavia Butler and Connie Willis.  Ahh, life is good.

Another is Adventures in SciFi Publishing.  Great stuff there, including Kim Stanley Robinson, Dan Simmons and others.  My favorite, though, is they interviewed my good friend, Carrie Vaughn.

Other sources for your "voices of science fiction fixation" could include The Dragon Page, Slice of SciFi, Escape Pod (for fiction), Pseudopod (for horror fiction), and The Future and You.

Podcasts are springing up all over the place too, so a quick search on the Internet can bag enough audio and video to keep the most addicted science fiction fan satisfied.

So, before those withdrawal symptoms start, head onto the web and mainline some of the real stuff.