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My New Website

Hi, all.  If you still follow me on LiveJournal, you might have noticed that I used to post quite often here, but over the last two years have done less and less.  There were a couple of reasons for that, including my discovery of FaceBook, but the main one is that readership seemed to have drifted away from LiveJournal.  The other reason was that I built up a large group of FB friends quickly, and I received a bunch more feedback there.

You know us writerly types.  We're feedback junkies.

What I missed about LiveJournal, though, was its format.  It lent itself to longer, more discursive essays.  The layout works well for reading long stuff, while FB, with its narrow columns does not.

In the meantime, I started turning my eye more toward writing longer works and trying to find a place for people looking for my books to land.  Neither LiveJournal or FB served that need well.  So, I have taken the plunge and acquired my own domain where I have a website and a place for people to find my books.  I'll still be on FB and LiveJournal, but the center for things I write, and for people looking for those things will be the website.

You can see it by going to jamesvanpelt.com.
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