Sheesh! It's Dusty in Here

I haven't posted on LiveJournal in forever, mostly because I moved over to FaceBook and my own web page at http://www.jamesvanpelt.com (where I don't post all that often either).

So here is some quick catching up. Things that have happened since I posted last:

  • I retired from high school teaching completely after transitioning from full-time to half-time in 2015. I taught half time at Fruita Monument for a year, subbed for a year, and then taught half time at Grand Junction High for two more years. This is my second winter in a row now where I haven't been in the classroom.
  • I took on Ray Bradbury's write-a-story-for-a-week challenge in 2015 and finished in 2016.  Of the 52 stories, I've sold 42 so far.
  • Fairwood Press released 26 of the write-a-story-a-week books in a collection called The Experience Arcade and Other Stories.
  • I have been writing short fiction almost exclusively over the last couple of years, selling pieces to Asimov's, Analog, Daily Science Fiction and other venues.
  • I've also attended several conventions during the last two years, plus continued my streak of going to the Rain Forest Writer's Retreat each year.  This year was my 12th time in attendance. I only missed the first year it was offered.
  • My youngest son too a job in Seattle, thereby emptying our nest. We turned his room into an exercise area. He hasn't seen it yet.
  • Oh, I ran my first marathon last June. It was an amazing experience, and not anything I thought I would ever do. Sometime in early February last year I told my wife I would train for one. She said, "I'm in" (it was her third marathon).

And that's it for news for now. I will post here more often, even though a great deal of the traffic I used to look for on LiveJournal has faded away.


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