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CONduit: Day one

I arrived in Salt Lake City around 6:00.  CONduit is in the Radisson, not too far from the Salt Palace Convention Center.  Check in was easy (like many conventions, the names on the membership badges are too small to be useful, but they did put my schedule on the back of the badge, which is helpful).

My intention was to check for folks I know, write for a bit, go eat, then retire early.  The last week of school really kicked my butt, so a chance to catch up on sleep sounded really, really good.  I ran into Ken Rand immediately, and we chatted for a half hour or so.  He introduced me to a new writer who had just sold her first short story (hooray), who also, interestingly enough, had written fanfiction exclusively before this.  She said it taught her a lot about writing.  It's interesting because Cory Doctorow just had an article in Locus in praise of fanfiction, and there's a raging argument going on at the Speculations Rumor Mill about fanfiction.  Synchronicity works!

Ken also showed me a chapbook-sized teaser he'd produced in support of his novel, Pax Dakota, which is coming out next year.  We discussed ways that a small press author can help his/her book, particularly since the book won't be staring out at consumers from every Borders or Barnes and Noble in the world.  Ken is an LJer at kenrand

After that I talked to Eric Swedin and ended up going to the "Why We Love Lovecraft" panel he did with Paul F. Anderson.  They both knew a lot of biographical info on Lovecraft.  Anderson has studied all of Lovecraft's letters, which are voluminous.  All in all, an hour well spent.

Then I ran into Chis Cook, another new writer.  We walked over to Crown Burgers (a great burger place--their standard burger is hamburger with a thick helping of pastrami on top--yum!), where we chatted over several topics, including whether it would be better for his career to submit exclusively to Writers of the Future until he got into the book, or spread his submissions out, which might risk his amateur status if he managed to sell things to pro markets.  I suggested that Writers of the Future is just a market, and that he's crazy not to be submitting everywhere else he would like to appear.

After that, I wrote and was asleep before midnight.  A good first day.


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May. 26th, 2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
day two will be better
Jim, day two of Conduit will be better. One reason: Jim Van Pelt (somebody you know) will be presenting several panels--five, I think). I'm looking forward to the panels, your reading (somethig new?), and a lot of schmoozing today. But no CrownBurgers.
May. 26th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
Sounds great! I'll post shortly about Day One of Wiscon...
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