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Brief Hugo Thoughts

First, hooray for the winners!  Especially the folks I know: Frank Wu, Tim Pratt and Gordon Van Gelder.  Hooray for the finalists too, especially Lawrence Schoen (okay, the Campbell's not a Hugo, but super congrats anyway), Paul Melko, Paolo Bacigalupi, and Benjamin Rosenbaum.

I was sorry Children of Men didn't win for best long form, but Pan’s Labyrinth was pretty cool too (and definitely not little-kid fantasy).

I'm a big supporter of awards.  Lord knows most writers don't make much money doing this, and, unfortunately, even a publication in one of the major magazines vanishes from the limelight in no time at all (and often without a murmur of comment), and most books are on the shelves at the bookstore for six weeks to six months.

An award, though, gathers dust on a shelf forever.  The key word in that sentence isn't "dust," by the way, it's "forever."

As I e-mailed to Tim Pratt a few minutes ago, winning a Hugo is like being selected to the baseball hall of fame.  No matter what, you are always a hall of famer. 

Heck, just being nominated and sitting with the finalists is a rare, rare treat.  Fortunately, in my short career, I've sat with the finalists twice, once as a John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer finalist, and once as a Nebula finalist.  It's a total rush.

I see by the nominations total that my story, "The Small Astral Object Genius," missed the ballot by five votes.  At L.A. Con I missed the finalist list by one vote.  The bummer was that I forgot to get my own nominations in, and you can be sure I would have nominated my own story!

I've heard a lot of good buzz already about the piece I just had in the Sept. Asimov's, "How Music Begins," and WorldCon is practically in my backyard.  Hmmm.


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Sep. 1st, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
"An award, though, gathers dust on a shelf forever."

LOL! I know you explained this line later, but I still laughed out loud when I read it.... :D
Sep. 1st, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
Yow! Thanks, Jim! And if you want, email me the text of "How Music Begins." I for one had been one of the folks who nom'd "Small Astral Object Genius." Your turn is coming, Jim!
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