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Van Pelt on Writing: Table of Contents

A correspondent sent me a note asking if I could organize the posts of writing for easy access.  I thought, sure, no problem.  Sheesh, I write about writing a lot.

Here is the semi-organized list.  I will add a link to this table of contents in my link list.  Then, as I add more posts, I'll update this page.  Also, I will alphabetize and make some kind of visual cues to make it easier to find stuff.

Advice to New Writers:  How Can I Get Good at That (or You're So Talented)
Advice to New Writers:  Art and Competitiveness
Advice to New Writers:  Top Ten Rookie Mistakes (rough draft)
Advice to New Writers:  Top Ten Rookie Mistakes: the Behavior Edition
Advice to New Writers:  Advice to Teen Writers
Advice to New Writers:  Quick Story Telling Advice to Newbies

Awards:  Brief Hugo Thoughts
Awards:  The Nebulas
Awards:  Last Day to Rec for This Year's Nebula
Awards:  The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

Characterization:  A Characterization Exercise
Characterization:  Creating Character: Background Thoughts and an Exercise

Conflict in Stories

Conventions:  Rain Forest Writers' Village
Conventions:  ConDuit: Day One
Conventions:  ConDuit: Day Two
Conventions:  When You Just NEED a Convention Fix and Can't Have It
Conventions:  The Never Ending Convention
Conventions:  Doing a Reading

Craft: The Importance of Voice and Style
Craft: Features of Good Stories
Craft: A Powerful Demonstration on Writing Dialogue
Craft:  Get the Details Right and Suspension of Disbelief Will Follow
Craft: Punctuating Dialogue and an Exercise
Craft: Writing Scenically
Craft:  "Whad Ya Say?"  Writing Dialogue
Craft: Irony
Craft:  Writing From Your Head and Word Exuberance
Craft:  Readers Deserve a Bigger Payoff than the Effort They Spend Reading
Craft:  Plugging Into Cultural Power Sources (connotation and allusion)
Craft:  Frightening a Reader
Craft:  Improving Your Writing While You are Stuck
Craft:  Mirror Language Writing Exercise
Craft: Writing a Conclusion (that works)
Craft: Creating Mood or Atmosphere
Craft: Flash Fiction
Craft:  "Natural Narratives" and Literature
Craft:  Revision and Editing Manuscripts
Craft:  A Note on Writing Rules
Craft:  The Well Tempered Sentence
Craft:  Writing for Young Adults
Craft:  Transitions: Getting from Point A to Point C
Craft:  Handling the Passage of Time in a Story
Craft:  A Brief Poetry Lesson That Applies to Fiction
Craft:  When Characters Say F#@%
Craft:  An Odd Measure of Story Quality
Craft:  Funny You Should Say That (or is it?)
Craft:  Every Rule Has Exceptions
Craft:  Technique: Writing Descriptively
Craft:  Writing About High Schoolers
Craft:  Making the Abstract Concrete
Craft:  Writing About Grief
Craft:  What do Writers Know About Writing Anyways?
Craft:  What I Learned From Reading the Slush

Day Job Articles:  a complete table of contents of my articles at The Fix On-Line
Day Job Articles Archive

Editing:  The Joy of Acceptance Letters
Editing:  Reading Slush, False Positives, and Ghost Whistles
Editing:  Reply to an Interesting Query Letter
Editing:  Editing Report #1
Editing:  Editing Report #1 addendum
Editing:  Editing Report #2
Editing:  Editing Report #4
Editing:  Editing Report #5
Editing:  Editing Report #6: the Rush to Familiarity
Editing:  Editing Report #7:  Closing in on the End Game
Editing:  What the Writer Side of Me Gets From Slush Reading

Horror:  What Constitutes a Horror Story

Humor:  Writing Epic Fantasy
Humor:  Writerly Thoughts
Humor:  Wannabe Strategies
Humor:  Writer Wannabes
Humor:  The Editor's Dilemma
Humor:  The Writer's Dilemma
Humor:  The Editorial Meeting
Humor:  SFWA on the Moon

Life of a Writer:  Two Decades of Writing, But It's Not the Day Job: a Retrospective
Life of a Writer:  Discipline
Life of a Writer:  How to Have a Successful Signing
Life of a Writer:  Why Writing is Good for Us
Life of a Writer:  Making a Living
Life of a Writer:  Influences, Reading Preferences, and Staying Current
Life of a Writer:  Two Songs That Make Me Want to Write
Life of a Writer:  Running and Writing
Life of a Writer:  Why I Do It: a Dozen Reasons
Life of a Writer: Niggle, a Writer's Aspirations, and the Day Job
Life of a Writer:  Books That Twist and Shape
Life of a Writer:  Books That Shaped Me
Life of a Writer:  Science Fiction and The Heart of Darkness
Life of a Writer:  Why Short Stories?
Life of a Writer:  Classic Foot in Mouth Moment
Life of a Writer:  Post Apocalyptic Fiction and 9/11
Life of a Writer:  Occasionally You Get Feedback
Life of a Writer:  A Quick Musical Interlude
Life of a Writer:  Busy Days
Life of a Writer:  Juggling
Life of a Writer:  In Praise of Locus Magazine
Life of a Writer:  Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?
Life of a Writer:  Another Literary Figure Weighs in On Writing
Life of a Writer:  Illness and Productivity
Life of a Writer:  Snippets and Unofficial Mentors
Life of a Writer:  Being Professional
Life of a Writer:  Who Are You Talking To?
Life of a Writer:  A Short Story Career Considered Midstream
Life of a Writer:  Back in the Car
Life of a Writer:  No Man is an Island (unless he is)
Life of a Writer:  Evolution of a Reader
Life of a Writer:  Dreams

Plot: Building Plot Through Repetition, Reflection and Repercussions
Plot: The Hero's Journey
Plot: Plot Suggestions
Plot: Writing a Conclusion (that works)
Plot:  Conflict in Stories
Plot:  The Plot Daisy
Plot: The Seven Sentence Story
Plot:  The Seven Sentence Story Contest
Plot:  The Seven Sentence Story Winners
Plot:  A Story in an Hour Lecture Notes


Point of View:  Meditations on Point of View
Point of View: Theory
Point of View: Practical Exercise in Point of View

Print on Demand

Process: It's Conceptual Barriers All the Way Up
Process: How I Write a Short story
Process:  The Mind as Weasel: Writing the Rough Draft
Process:  Pinched Writing--Writing in the Available Time
Process:  Fooling the Muse
Process:  Story is a Deer in the Headlights
Process:  How to Finish a Novel in Nine Months: the Teacher Edition
Process: On Writing Models
Process:  Wandering Around With a Story in My Head
Process:  Generating Science Fiction Ideas Painlessly
Process:  Writing Hard Science Fiction
Process:  Writing Process: Mind/Unmind
Process:  Writing Horror
Process:  My Uneasy Relationship With Being Academic and Artistic
Process:  Research and Its Impact on Writing
Process:  Ideas--an Embarrassment of Riches
Process:  Two Writers on Process
Process:  Why Writing Takes So Long
Process:  Psychological Triggers
Process:  Where Do Story Ideas Come From?
Process:  A Small Musical Discovery
Process:  Story End Game
Process:  Getting Started: Exercises
Process:  Practice and Theory of the First Sentence
Process:  Focused Persistence
Process:  Writing While Not Sitting Down
Process:  What I Started in Junior High That Helps My Writing Today
Process:  The Highlighter and Improving Writing
Process:  When Do You Write?
Process:  Your Pace or Mine?
Process:  Our Complicated Relationship to Writing
Process:  Letting a Story Go Fallow
Process:  Where Do You Find Out Stuff About Writing?
Process:  My Best Books on Writing
Process:  A Great Writing Environment
Process:  The Weirdness of the Right Writing Environment
Process:  "She Goes Away"
Process:  Final Edit
Process:  Editing

Publishing:  Best Publishing Lesson Ever
Publishing:  Cover Letters and Suggestions for Revision Revisited
Publishing:  There's Too Many Writers.  Oh, No!
Publishing:  Old Stuff vs. New Stuff
Publishing:  A Thought of Publishing's Good Old Days
Publishing:  Why I Think Short Fiction Print Magazines Will Survive
Publishing:  Snail Mail or E-Mail Submissions?
Publishing:  Science Fiction Talks to Itself
Publishing:  Short Story Collections
Publishing:  Publishing in SF/F/H
Publishing:  A Great Signing and an Interesting Strategy
Publishing:  Selling Novels

Rejections:  The Gap, the Doubt, and the Damage Done
Rejections:  How Long Should a Rejection Take?
Rejections:  A Rejection Letter and Why Editors Use Form Rejects
Rejections:  A Web Site Devoted to Rejections
Rejections:  Stories We Don't Want to See

Revision:  Revising a Novel: Order of Operations
Revision:  Revision and Editing of a Manuscript
Revision:  Principles of Revision
Revision:  Cover Letters and Suggestions for Revision Revisited

Reviews:  Short Fiction Reviews
Reviews:  Book Reviews
Reviews:  A Nice Review, and a (no it's not too early) Christmas List

Setting: Leveraging the Internet for Verisimilitude in Setting Descriptions
Setting: Writing About Landscapes
Setting:  Thoughts on Setting

SFWA:  SFWA Outreach
SFWA:  SFWA on the Moon

Story Analysis:  What I Learned: "Blood Music"
Story Analysis:  What I Learned: "A Cabin on the Coast"
Story Analysis:  What I Learned: "The Tomb"
Story Analysis:  Harry Turtledove and Alternate History

Theme:  What's Your Story Worth?  An Abstract Post

Titles:  You know, "Wha' Cha Call It?" Practice and Theory of Titles
Titles:  Is Your Title a Best Seller?
Titles:  When Titles Suggest Stories

Voice: The Difficulty and Ease of Voice
Voice:  Listen to Your Language
Voice:  Voice Revisited
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